• 25-MAY-2011

Volvo's New Hybrid Crash-Tested

Before Volvo Trucks releases a new model onto the market, the vehicle always undergoes a rigorous crash-test programme. The Volvo FE Hybrid is no exception. With its 578 kg battery pack, it presents the crash-test engineers with new challenges. The Volvo FE Hybrid is propelled in parallel by an electric motor and a diesel engine, making possible fuel savings of up to 30 percent. The hybrid model, which will primarily perform distribution and refuse collection duties in urban areas, was tested by simulating a collision in which a car hits the side of the battery pack at a speed of 46 kilometres an hour. The battery pack weighs 578 kilograms and the battery itself weighs 232 kg. The electrical system operates on 600 Volts. Volvo had never previously carried out a crash test on a hybrid truck. Available video includes views of the crash-test and footage of the FE Hybrid.