• 07-DEC-2012

Volvo Trucks Takes the Lead with Tomorrow's Wireless Road Trains

Using wireless technology to link a road train, in which a lead truck controls a convoy of vehicles driving behind it, is already technically feasible. The technology was demonstrated at the conclusion of the SARTRE project, which Volvo Trucks participated in. Although it may take some time for wireless road trains to be part of everyday reality, the technology brought about through the project could be put to use for other purposes in order make our traffic environment considerably safer in the near future.

The EU-financed SARTRE (Safe Road Trains for the Environment) project recently presented the results of three years of research and trials. Representatives from the EU Commission and experts in transport technology from Europe, the US and Japan got to see a fully functioning wireless road train in operation at Volvo's proving ground in Sweden. In the lead was a Volvo FH truck, closely followed by another Volvo truck and three cars.

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