• 22-AUG-2012

Volvo Trucks Introduces New FH Series

On Wednesday September 5, Volvo Trucks will launch new versions of the best-selling Volvo FH and the prestigious Volvo FH16. Never before has Volvo conducted so many tests among drivers and haulage firms with the aim of ensuring that the new model meets the highest requirements. The result is a product that not only meets today's needs, it also offers properties that nobody has previously experienced in a truck, such as the new Individual Front Suspension (IFS) system. This means that each front wheel is suspended separately from the other so it does not affect the movement of the other wheel. Since both front wheels move individually, the result is gentler, more settled progress on the road. Available footage includes edited packages with and without narration.

A live webcast of the event will be available. If you would like to host the live player on your site, please contact journalisthelp@thenewsmarket.com referencing Volvo webcast and we will provide you with the embed code.