• 29-AUG-2007

Volvo Opens the Door to Carbon-Dioxide Free Trucks

The Volvo Group has announced plans to produce seven demonstration trucks that use varying forms of alternative fuels. Volvo officials say they created the vehicles to help curb European statistics that indicate cargo transportation contributes an estimated 4 to 5 percent of all global carbon-dioxide emissions. The seven Volvo FM trucks, which will be presented in Brussels on September 19, are equipped with 9-liter diesel engines. Diesel engines, Volvo reports, are energy-efficient converters suited for different renewable fuels, liquids or gases. The varying fuel components Volvo is using include biodiesel, biogas combined with biodiesel, ethanol/methanol, DME, synthetic diesel and hydrogen gas combined with biogas. All of these fuels are produced from renewable, raw materials that benefit the environment and do not release carbon-dioxide into the ecosystem. Volvo officials report they are also looking into carbon-dioxide free transports for buses, construction equipment and boats.