• 13-OCT-2010

Unique Test Helping Designers Make Volvo Penta's Inboard Performance System (IPS) Drive Crash Safe

In order to ensure safety if the Inboard Performance System (IPS) drive collides under water, Volvo Penta uses the same kind of calculations and collision tests as the car industry. As the IPS drive is installed through a large hole in the floor of the boat, Volvo Penta has designed it in such a way that the boat does not take on water if it runs aground. To ensure that the calculated simulations are actually correct, Volvo Penta conducted tests on a crash track of the same kind that is used to test cars and trucks. The part of the boat with the IPS drive was fitted on a ten-tonne vehicle that was driven into an obstacle at 30 km/h. The tests were filmed using a high-speed camera, the collision forces were measured and it emerged that the calculations were an almost exact match for the results of the crash tests. Available material includes an edited package with animations.