• 19-SEP-2013

Success for Charlie the Hamster at the Wheel of a Truck

The film "The Hamster Stunt" has been a major success on Youtube and has been viewed more than 3.4 million times in just one week. It shows how a truck is steered along narrow, uneven tracks in a quarry in Spain. Who's at the wheel? Charlie the hamster, weighing in at 175 grams.

In February Volvo Trucks launched new technology that makes even a heavily laden truck light and easy to manoeuvre. The driver can steer the vehicle without the least bit of effort, in fact all it requires is a single finger on the steering wheel. In the film "The Hamster Stunt" the technology is put to the test by allowing Charlie the hamster to steer a truck. A specially designed hamster treadmill is attached to the steering wheel and Charlie runs in his wheel, changing directions to get at his prize – a carrot. The tiny animal's mere body weight is sufficient to steer the truck. The accelerator and brakes were operated by experienced stunt driver Seon Rogers.

Available footage includes a behind-the-scenes edited package as well as interviews and images.