• 05-SEP-2012

I-Torque Delivers Superb Driveability and Reduces Fuel Consumption

Volvo Trucks is taking the lead in the development of drivelines for commercial trucks. The new Volvo I-Torque meets the Euro 6 requirements and offers exceptional driveability. Together with I-See, I-Torque also cuts fuel consumption by up to 10 percent.

The tough Euro 6 regulations are placing high demands on the engine developers to meet the new standards without negatively impacting fuel consumption. However, the new Volvo I-Torque driveline, which will begin production for Europe in autumn 2013, meets the Euro 6 requirements and offers a significant reduction in fuel consumption.As the name suggests, the explanation behind I-Torque's excellent properties lies in high torque combined with a new automated powershift gearbox. I-Torque delivers no less than 2800 Nm of torque and works at low engine revs, resulting in quiet operation.

Available material includes an edited package, driving footage of the new truck as well as images and a press release.