Volvo's electric hybrid as reliable as a diesel truck - with narration




23 Apr 2013


Gothenburg and Rotterdam



Edited package with narration and English subtitles
"About half the Volvo hybrid trucks sold are used in distribution operations and half in refuse duties. It is within these two areas that the technology offers the greatest fuel savings, between 15 and 20 percent, depending on chassis and driving cycles. Some refuse truck operators with trucks featuring a rechargeable electrified garbage compactor have even been able to cut their fuel consumption by 30 percent.
One of the customers, recycling company Roteb in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, purchased two Volvo FE Hybrids in order to meet both its own and the city's environmental policies. The new trucks were thus an investment for the future.


Speak: Since the launch of the Volvo Hybrid truck in March 2011, about 50 trucks have been delivered to customers all over Europe.
Roteb - with over 6000 employees – is Rotterdam's largest employer and specializes in refuse collection and street cleaning. Two years ago the company bought Volvo hybrid trucks to meet both its own and the city's environmental policies.""
Synk, driver: yes the trucks works really good. The truck is really quiet and drives perfectly fine.
The trucks works fully automatic, no additional actions are required. Just starting the engine, gearbox in Drive and then the truck is ready to drive.
If you want, you can also manually select full electric mode with one button, then the trucks drives fully electric till the moment you select diesel again. Then you drive with the diesel engine
That's all you have to do. The batteries are charged fully automatic, so that's it. Easy!
Synk, Christina:
Drives are very, very pleased with working with the hybrid truck because it's a fun truck to drive. It has a high response in the engine thanks to the electric motor and not least important is the silent mode is also running every time in electric drive and that creates a very pleasant working environment for them.
Christina: Hybrid trucks should be used in a stop-and-go drivin cykel because its only then you can utilize the technology potential. Every time you do a retardation you store energy into the battery and then you can use that energy in the acceleration. So that's why transport tasks like refuges collection or in-city driving is the perfect segments. And if you also bring on electrified carbage compactor and put that on top of our hybrid chassie you have a perfect complete truck for most optimized fuel savings. Kund, Roteb:
It's working quite normal, as a normal truck. It saves quite a lot of fuel. It's more quiet than a normal truck and it just fits in the regular work.
The uptime is quite normal, just like the other trucks. It's nothing special, nothing different in the use - just like the other trucks. Speak:
The hybrid truck reduces the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 20%. With an electrified garbage compactor the reduction is up to 30%.
Depending on usage, it can travel shorter distances silently and with zero emissions at speeds of up to 50 km/h on its electric motor alone.
I definitely believe that hybrid technology is very promising for the future because it has revolutionary fule savings and emission savings. And I think we can not afford not to further investigate this route and that is something we will do.
Synk, driver;
We recieve a lot of compliments from the people on the street, they
ask "Is this truck fully electric" and then I say "Yes indeed". You also see the "thumbs up", they really like it. People are really surprised by the fact that the truck is so quiet. They smile and really appreciate (like it) the fact that such a big truck is fully electric. That's what they like to hear and see."
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