Volvo Trucks launches a unique gearbox for heavy vehicles




01 May 2014





Edited Package: Volvo Trucks is now launching I-Shift Dual Clutch, the first transmission on the market with a dual clutch system for heavy vehicles. Thanks to power-shift gear changes without any interruption in power delivery, torque is maintained and the truck does not lose any speed during gear changes. For the driver, the result is more comfortable and efficient progress on the road.
"Manus I-Shift Dual Clutch

VO 1: In 2014, Volvo Trucks introduces the new I-Shift Dual Clutch gearbox. The dual clutch technology already exists in passenger cars, but Volvo Trucks is the first manufacturer in the world that has been able to adapt this system for heavy trucks.

Speak 1, Astrid Drewsen: I-Shift Dual Clutch is our new power shift transmission; while driving on one gear it makes it possible to preselect the next gear. Thereby we can make a powershift so you get no dip in torque as you normally get when driving.

VO 2: In principle, it works like this: I-Shift Dual Clutch has two input shafts, which are alternately connected to the engine through two clutches. Here, the two parallel workflows are marked green and red. When driving, the first gear is engaged by one input shaft. At the same time, the other input shaft pre-selects the next gear. At the actual gear change, the previously engaged clutch is disengaged at the same time as the idling clutch is engaged. This results in a power-shift and seamless transfer of power.

VO 3 över Claes Hillén:
The first time I drove a truck with this gearbox I thought – this is perfect for heavy duty trucks. The power is constant during a gear-change, so the truck doesn't lose any speed at all, not even on steep inclines or on slippery roads.

VO 4: To demonstrate the difference that the new transmission makes, we compared two identical Volvo FHs in an incline. The truck in the right lane is equipped with the brand new I-Shift Dual Clutch, the one in the left lane with a normal I-Shift gearbox. Thanks to its consistent torque, the truck with I-Shift Dual Clutch doesn't lose any speed at all when changing gears. Thereby the truck maintains a constant speed driving up the hill, making the driving more efficient.

Speak 4, Claes Nilsson: In situations when you need a lot of gear changing such as hilly roads or curvy roads the I-Shift Cual Clutch will create an extradimension to truck driving. We at Volvo Trucks are really proud to be the first truck manufacturer to offer such a gearbox.

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