Volvo Trucks – I-See: Saves up to 5 percent fuel when driving in hills




26 Jun 2012


Gothenburg, Sweden


Volvo Group

Edited package with narration
Edited Package: In this reportage we learn more about how I-See - Volvo Trucks latest contribution in the quest for more fuel efficient transports - work. The design engineer, Anders Eriksson, describes the technique behind the system. I-See is a self-learning driving system, which can cut fuel consumption by up to five percent when driving in hills. The system will hit the market during 2013.

Volvo Trucks' latest contribution in the pursuit of more fuel-efficient transports is the self-learning driving system I-See, which can cut fuel consumption by up to five percent. It will hit the market during 2013.

Anders Eriksson, design engineer, Volvo Trucks:
""The first time a route is travelled, the road topography is recorded and the coming times the same route is driven this information is used to control speed, gears and brakes in order to use the energy in a more fuel efficient way.""

I-See is designed to help the intelligent automated transmission I-Shift when using the cruise control. The system records the road topography and can remember up to 4000 hills.

Anders Eriksson, design engineer, Volvo Trucks:
I-See uses six different steps up and down the hill. They all contribute to maximizing the usage of the trucks own energy and minimizing the fuel consumption.

As the truck approaches a hill, it increases speed to improve its hill climbing capacity. Downshifts are then avoided, since staying on the top gear saves fuel. When approaching the crest, speed is curbed, and to further prepare for the coming downhill, the truck drives in neutral gear and engine idle. To avoid over speeding, a gear is engaged and the auxiliary breaks are applied. And finally, at the end of the hill, I-Shift is put into neutral gear. The truck then builds up speed and utilizes the truck's kinetic energy for the continued journey.

Anders Eriksson, design engineer, Volvo Trucks:
This system is automatic and that allows for the driver to focus on other tasks. And since I-See save a lot of fuel, it also saves a lot of money for the haulage companies. An of course it's good for the environment.
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