Volvo Trucks – Better grip and lower fuel consumption with the new Tandem Axle Lift





Volvo Trucks' new function, Tandem Axle Lift, makes it possible to disengage and raise the second driven axle. This gives better road grip and up to 4 per cent lower fuel consumption when the truck is driven without a l
VO 1:
Volvo Trucks Tandem Axle Lift is a new feature that allows drivers to disengage and lift the second drive axle when necessary. This saves up to 4% fuel compared to the same journey with both axles on the ground.

Sync 1, Jonas Odermalm, Construction Segment Manager, Volvo Trucks
– Volvo Tandem Axle Lift will benefit heavy transports where the return trips are often empty or partly loaded such as aggregates or timmer transports. Once the vehicle has been unloaded the second drive-axle can be declutched and lifted off the ground. This means a lot of advantages, where the most obvious one is improved fuel efficiency.

VO 2:
By replacing the Inter Axle Differential on the first axle with a dog clutch, Volvo Trucks engineers managed to make the second drive axle declutchable. The driven axle can then be disengaged and lifted even when driving. This also means better traction, especially when driving empty on soft surfaces like gravel or ice.

Sync 2:
– With Tandem Axle Lift you will benefit from reduced tire wear on the second drive axle, you will also have improved manoeuvrability as the turning radius on the vehicle is reduced.

VO 3:
With the second drive axle lifted the reduced rolling resistance will not only mean less fuel consumption but also increased driver comfort as the noise level and vibrations inside the cab are lowered.
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