Volvo Conducts Comprehensive Hybrid Field Tests on New Volvo FE Hybrid




01 Jan 2011


Filmpoint Communication AB

Edited package with English narration and French interviews
Interviews, in order of appearance:

1. Marcel Vido, Resident, Vallée de Chevreuse
2. Dominique Bellanger, Site Manager, VEOLIA Propreté, Villejust
3. Jean-Philippe Edmond, Driver, VEOLIA Propreté, Villejust
4. Miguel Hallgren, Product Manager, Volvo Trucks
5. Claes Nilsson, President Europe Division, Volvo Trucks

It's half past five in the morning in a suburb of the beautiful Vallée de Chevreuse thirty kilometres south of Paris. A Volvo hybrid refuse truck sneaks quietly among the houses. Only the radio from inside the truck is heard. As day breaks the residents awake from their slumbers.

- Sync with Marcel Vido

The mission of the hybrid refuse truck is to manage household waste in the Vallée de Chevreuse with a total of 174,000 inhabitants. During a 6-hour shift the hybrid truck is loaded with 600 waste bins to a total weight of 7.5 tonnes

- Sync with Dominque Bellanger

For Dominique Bellanger, Veolia Environmental Services, it is important to further lower the operational costs and optimize waste collection in the future, in order to compensate for the added development costs of new hybrid technologies.

Will hybrid refuse trucks take over within 10 years?

- Sync with Bellanger

What do the drivers think?

- Sync with Jean-Philippe Edmond

Here outside Paris VEOLIA runs its hybrid refuse truck on behalf of SIOM, the authority responsible for waste collection in 17 municipalities in the Vallée de Chevreuse.

Veolia Environmental Services is a key enterprise on the global market for the management and recycling of waste.

VEOLIA operates a second Volvo hybrid refuse truck in the centre of London.

Volvo has chosen to focus on parallel hybrid technology

- Sync with Miguell Hallgren

Volvo Trucks is now launching sales of hybrid trucks in Europe:

- Sync with Claes Nilsson

The company sees an interesting future for hybrid trucks:

- Sync with Claes Nilsson
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