The new Volvo FM: the ideal all-round player in Volvo Trucks' model range - with narration




Gothenburg, Sweden



Edited Package with narration
Volvo Trucks now presents its new Volvo FM. Offering top-notch flexibility and transport efficiency, it covers the needs of most customers.Among the new features are an improved driver's cab and the groundbreaking Volvo Dynamic Steering that boosts the truck's first-class driving properties.

Speaker 1:
The best way to describe the new Volvo FM is as a flexible and efficient multipurpose truck that is very easy to manoeuvre.

Claes Nilsson:
This new FM is really a fantastic truck for a wide range of application. Really a multipurpose truck. And the new features built in to this new FM makes it even better for our owners and our drivers.

Speaker 2:
The truck has a brand-new look, which is distinctly Volvo and designed to guarantee the driver's comfort with an innovative dashboard, added storage space and improved seats.

The biggest innovation for the driver, however, is the groundbreaking Volvo Dynamic Steering. It works through a precisely controlled electric motor, which is mounted on the hydraulic steering gear. Its purpose is to provide precise and effortless steering control in every situation. The optimized cab-, engine and spring suspension also improve the truck's handling.

Claes Nilsson:
Volvo Dynamic Steering is a new invention that will change the truck industry and really be a new experience for our drivers. Not only is it giving a relaxing feeling for the driver but also in tight environments it is a very precise feeling that will help the efficiency of these trucks. It is really something you need to experience your self.

Speaker 3:
To improve the trucks efficiency, the new Volvo FM has been equipped with Telematics Gateway, a communication system that makes it possible for workshops to monitor a truck's status online. They can access information about the battery and the brake pads as well as read diagnostic trouble codes. Consequently a large number of the unplanned workshop visits can be avoided.

Jonas Odermalm:
It has a very high reliability and with our new, improved possiblility to monitor the vehicles state of health remotely, we can always maximize our customers' uptime.
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