The I-Torque: A top-performing all-new driveline for energy efficient transports (with Narration)




05 Sep 2012


Gothenburg, Sweden



Edited Package with narration
With the launch of the new Volvo FH-series also comes the launch of the Euro 6 engine that radically lowers nitrogen oxides and particles. Volvo Trucks has also developed the completely new drivline I-Torque that, combined with the self-teaching system I-See and some minor hardware updates on the new Volvo FH, has the potential to save up to 10 percent fuel. Euro6 will hit the market during spring, 2013, and the I-Torqe is available from autumn 2013.

Speaker 1:
In conjunction with the launch of new FH series, Volvo Trucks also introduces a completely new driveline – the I-Torque. Hitting the market in autumn 2013, the I-Torque has the potential to save up to 10 percent fuel and generates outstanding drivability. However, as early as this spring, Volvo Trucks' standard Euro6 engine will be already available.

Mats Franzén:
Our new Euro6 engine is a, you can say, direct continuation of our Euro5 engine. It has the same drivability, same engine curves but it has of course a much more sophisticated after treatment system.

Speaker 2:
The enhanced after treatment system of the Euro6 engine cuts the particulate emissions in half and lowers the nitrogen oxide emissions by almost 80 per cent, compared to Euro5.

Mats Franzén:
This engine is, you can say, a multipurpose engine. It's good for both city applications, for construction and also in long and regional haul.

Speaker 3:
Volvo Trucks' next big step towards sustainable transport solutions will be taken when the next generation of drivelines – the I-Torque – hits the market. Unlike the standard Euro6 engine, it's primarily optimized for long haul transportation and has the potential to save a lot of fuel.

Mats Franzén:
How much you save with the I-Torque is of course dependent on how you drive. But we see very good saving compared to Euro5, up to 4 percent.

Speaker 4:
Combined with the minor hardware updates of the new FH-series and the innovative driving system I-See, the fuel consumption can be cut by as much as 10 percent.

Speaker 5:
Just like the Euro 5, the I-Torque engine is available at 460 hp. The big difference is that the I-Torque manages to generate a much higher torque than the Euro5: 2 800 nm compared to the previous 2 300 nm. The I-Torque engine is also optimized for much lower and narrower revs – between 900 and 1200 revs per minute. Within that optimized drivable span of 300 revs per minute, there is fewer combustions and less friction, which makes the engine more fuel-efficient. However, driving within such a narrow band also means there is no margin for the loss of power, which puts a high demand on the transmission.

Mats Franzén:
Normally it should't be possible to drive in such narrow band. But with the new I-Shift2, that actually works with a powershift, it gives the perfect support to the driver.

Speaker 6:
The I-shift2 is basically two I-shifts in one or, more correctly, 2 input shafts, where each input shaft is alternately connected to the engine through two clutches. This makes it possible to change gear instantaneously, without losing almost any power at all. When the first gear is engaged by one input shaft the next gear is already being pre-selected by the other input shaft and you have a seamless step from one gear to the next.

Mats Franzén:
The I-torque gives the driver a perfect drivabilitya. You have a quick response, you have quick and smooth acceleration. The driver can really focus on traffic and traffic safety. And, the fuel consumption, that is solved by the technology in the engine and transmission.
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