Telematics Gateway: The wireless communication system that now services trucks remotely




13 Jul 2012


Gothenburg, Sweden


Volvo Group

Edited Package: In this reportage we see what Volvo Trucks updated communication system - the Telematics Gateway - can do. The GSM-based system allows workshops to check a truck's condition remotely – a development that promises increased uptime and lower maintenance costs for the haulage companies. The system is scheduled for release in Europe in 2013.
VO 1: Trucks. After spending hours and hours on the road, some wear and tear is inevitable, no matter how high the quality. However, Volvo Trucks's new communication system, Telematics Gateway, makes it possible to minimise unplanned workshop visits. The system, which will hit the market 2013, enables service technicians to inspect trucks while they're still on the road, and thereby avoiding unnecessary breakdowns. Christian Gustavsson, head of service at Volvo Trucks : – Uptime becomes more and more important for our customers, everything will be just in time, as we all know, and therefore this will improve the efficiency for all of us. VO 2: With Telematics Gateway, workshops can access a truck's information online. The system allows them to monitor the status of the battery, the brake pads, the clutche and air dryer. They can also read diagnostic trouble codes, see how many miles the truck has driven and the amount of engine hours. Christian Gustavsson: – Today when we service a truck we estimate a planned driving condition but then the customer may use it more and drive in more heavy conditions. Now we can actually read out the usage from the truck so we can service the truck when it is really necessary. VO 3: If wear reaches a crucial level, a warning will be issued in the system. The service technician can then contact the customer and book a service; thereby reducing the risk of a break down and an unplanned workshop visit. VO 4: But sometimes, the truck won't even have to visit the workshop at all. The new system not only inspects the truck while it's still on the road, but can even update the software remotely. This is called Features Online. Christian Gustavsson: – This we see a great opportunity in the future so today we have a few parameters but in the future that will become more and more so more or less that you can do everything you can do today in the workshop you can do it remotely. The purpose of this is to give more uptime to our customer and a piece of mind.
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