Superior handling is the key to excellent driver comfort (with narration)




04 Sep 2012


Gothenburg, Sweden

Edited Package with narration
Superior handling has been one of Volvo Trucks' top priorities when developing the new Volvo FH-series. And Volvo Trucks can now, as the first truck manufacturer ever, introduce the all-new Individual Front Suspension, IFS. It's an optional feature, where each wheel is individually installed. The result is a car-like driving experience.

Speaker 1:
Superior handling has been one of Volvo Trucks top priorities when developing the new FH-series.

Handling is important out of many aspects but it all comes down to safety. We would like to have relaxed and comfortable drivers out on the road, even after a full day job.

Speaker 2:
Five major improvements have been made in the truck's structure, which all contribute to its superior handling.

The first four, standard improvements include:
1.) A new structure in the rear wagon, which ensures that less force enters into the framestructure.
2.) In the front wagon, the kinematics of the spring elements has been modified.
3.) The geometry of the cab suspensions has also been changed and all suspension components retuned, including a stiffer cab stabilizer.
4.) And a neck-tilt function has also been added to the steering wheel, which further enables the driver to tune-in his or her optimal driving position.

Speaker 3:
The fifth improvement is the all-new Individual Front Suspension, which is an optional feature. It is an innovative solution where each wheel is now individually installed. It also comes with a rack and pinion steering. All this ensures that the truck is sensitive to the driver but insensitive to the road's unevenness, since vibrations aren't transferred from one side to the other.

We are very exited about the IFS. It will give a more carlike steering feeling. It will give this little extra on road stability and steering feeling for those customers who seeks that.

Speaker 4:
The input from the customers has been invaluable when verifying the improved handling.

The method we are using when developing handling is first of all to do a lot of simulations and calculations but in the very end it is verified by our professional test drivers but also by our professional drivers, our customers.

Speaker 5:
But the new Volvo FH-series has also gone through a number of tough assessments at Volvo's own proving grounds in Hällered, Sweden.

Claes Hillen:
Well, the new Volvo FH is extremely good on the roads. We have tested it here at the proving ground in Hällered in many different types of set ups with tractors, ridges, with and without trailer and so on. We have done, performed tests in winter climate, in summer climate, and on narrow roads, wide roads, high ways, smaller roads and so on. And our customers will love it.
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