Precise steering with Volvo Dynamic Steering



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Volvo Dynamic Steering combines conventional hydraulic power steering with an electronically regulated electric motor fitted to the steering gear. The result is precise steering that gives the truck driver a safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable working environment. Here you can see how the systme works.

Manus: Volvo Dynamic Steering

Volvo Trucks new system 'Volvo Dynamic Steering' improves the truck's manoeuvrability. For the driver, the system makes it more comfortable to drive and it increases steering precision. .

Volvo Dynamic Steering works through a precisely controlled electric motor which is mounted on top of the hydraulic steering gear. The motor is controlled 2000 times per second, based on the input from the driver and the on-board sensors. Its purpose is to provide precise steering control in every situation.
Volvo Dynamic Steering has four main benefits:

1.) It takes away the physical effort of steering at low speeds. The driver can turn the steering wheel with very little effort, regardless of how heavy the load is.
2.) It improves directional stability at high speeds, so that no small steering-adjustments are needed.
3.) It diminishes effects of road disturbances such as bumps and potholes.
4.) It detects and balances out directional deviations including strong side winds.
On top of this, the steering wheel returns to its original position perfectly, even after reversing."

Volvo Dynamic Steering hits the market during the autumn of 2013 and will be available with the Volvo FM, Volvo FMX and Volvo FH.
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