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The roll out of the new Volvo FH series outside of Europe has started. First up is Brisbane, Australia. Volvo Trucks' ambition is to further strengthen the brand's already strong market position in the country. Due to the exceptionally tough operating conditions in Australia, this launch also sends a clear message about exactly how high the new trucks' quality standards really are.

Speaker 1:
The worldwide roll out of the new Volvo FH has started. First up: Australia, where crowds gathered in downtown Brisbane to celebrate the launch.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor:
Well look, Volvo has been a very important company for Brisbane now for years, they produce some 47 000 trucks, you can heart them, we got 500 workers out here, I think they're all here to celebrate this wonderful launch of the FH. In Australia we're expecting to see a quadrupling of the need for freight truck movements, so the addition of the FH will just be absolutely fabulous to Australian productivity and our industry.

Speaker 2:
The launch was held in conjunction with the Brisbane truck show.

Speaker 3:
With 17 different truck brands present, Australia is a highly competitive market. Despite of this, Volvo Trucks is still one of the leading brands within the heavy-duty segment. One competitive advantage is the local plant, which enables them to faster tailor-make the trucks according to their customer's specific needs.

Gary Bone, Volvo Trucks Australia Vice President:
The new Volvo FH for the Australian market does answer a lot of questions for us. We now have the bigger interior cab space in the XL, we have more storage room which is fantastic, it's obviously the safest Volvo ever built, which is also a massive demand for the Australian distances that we travel and the Australian customers. We also did a lot of adaptations for the Australian market, as far as our fuel capacity, our ad blue capacity, a new wild bar because of wild life is a huge issue for us, the new model has given us a massive amount of opportunities to solve a lot of customer requests.

Speaker 4:
60 percent of the roads in Australia are classified as rough and that, in combination with hot temperatures, high speed limits and heavy loads, constitutes very harsh driving environment.

Arne Knaben, president Volvo Group Australia:
The Australian operating conditions are very tough and that also means it is a really good place to test new products, and we have been a part of the Volvo testing program very early in the FH and we got the first test trucks and we have done the highest milage in the world. And obviously a truck that can compete and win in this market is a very good truck and I think that means a lot also globally.
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