High uptime is a guarantee with the all-new Telematics Gateway and VAS-button (with narration)




18 Apr 2012


Gothenburg, Sweden



Edited Package with narration and subtitles
With the new Volvo FH – uptime is a guarantee. The truck is more quality assured than ever before as well as equipped with the Telematics Gateway, a communication system that allows workshops to monitor a trucks status online. With the all-new Volvo Action Services-button, the driver also gets personal assistance through Volvo Trucks call centre.

Speaker 1:
A long distance truck in Europe loses one euro in revenue for every minute that it's stationary. Therefore, the new Volvo FH-series has been equipped with an innovative communication system, which will maximize the trucks uptime. It is also more quality assured than ever before and has been through a number of tuff quality tests, where both its durability and reliability is assessed.

Kenneth Abrahamsson:
The purpose we are doing all these test in such long time is of course to create a product with extreme good quality, which in the end will give a very high uptime for the customer.

Speaker 2:
However, after spending hours and hours on the road, some wear and tear is inevitable. With Telematics Gateway, an innovative communication system included in the new Volvo FH-series, workshops can now monitor a truck's status online. They can access information about the battery and the brake pads as well as read diagnostic trouble codes. This way, a large number of the unplanned workshop visits can be avoided.

Speaker 3:
Regardless of smart systems and high quality standards, trucks do have unplanned stops. And when they do – the new Volvo FH-series is equipped to handle it. On the dashboard, a Volvo Action Services on Call-button has been installed.

Fiona Mårtensson:
With the VAS-button, we are with you, what ever happens. By just pushing the button, the customer gets through to our call center.

Speaker 4:
The European call-centres are available 24/7, 365 days a year and the personnel speak 18 different languages. Through the Telematic Gateway, they will receive all the available data about the truck remotely.

Fiona Mårtensson:
Today's solution with the VAS-button is much better because it gives us an over all picture straight away of the driver, the vehicle, the diagnostic trouble codes and, most importantly, the location of the vehicle. That is the main benefits that we have today, which cut downs leadtimes, creating uptime.
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