Energy efficiency at its best: Good for both the environment and for business (with narration)




18 Apr 2012


Gothenburg, Sweden



Edited Package with narration
The new Volvo FH-series' environmental features have a strong focus on energy efficiency, which benefits both the environment and the haulage companies' profitability.

Lars Mårtensson:
The new FH-serie is really one step towards our vision sustainable transport solutions. It contains not only a lower fuel consumption but also lower missions and thereby a lower environmental impact.

Speaker 1:
The new Volvo FH-series' environmental features have a strong focus on energy efficiency. One of the major innovations is the self-learning system I-See, which is designed to help the intelligent transmission I-Shift when driving up hills.

Anders Eriksson:
You can say that the I-Shift has now been equipped with eyes. The first time a route is travelled, the road topography is recorded and the coming times the same route is driven this information is used to control speed, gears and brakes in order to use the energy in a more fuel efficient way. This can saves as much as up to 5 percent fuel. Since I-See save a lot of fuel, it also saves a lot of money for the haulage companies.

Speaker 2:
The FH-series also comes with Volvo Trucks new Euro 6 engine, which lowers the nitrogen oxide emissions with almost 80 percent compared to Euro 5. The particle emissions are cut in half. And on top of that, Volvo Trucks completely new driveline – the I-Tourque – will hit the market in the autumn of 2013. It will radically improve the trucks fuel efficiency.

But in order to improve energy efficiency, the truck needs more than an effective engine and transmission. The air drag also needs to be reduced and the aerodynamics of the new Volvo FH-series has been thoroughly tested and improved along the way.

Lars Mårtensson:
We see that our truck owners, their customers and society in a whole have set challenge in environmental objectives. We see that these environmental features will not only be a qualifier for business but also give them an advantage. So it's good for the environment and it is good for business.
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