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Mapei: You only live once – YOLO, as they say, that's like a saying now that's popular – but you know I'm young, I'm care free I don't have any children so it's just going to be interesting to see different places and different cultures and it's a big opportunity.

VO 1: Meet soul and hip hop artist Mapei and her friend Liza, who is a director. Together with Jens Karlsson, a professional driver, they are the stars in Volvo Trucks' upcoming tv-series Reality Road. Their mission is to travel through Europe in a truck to make a music video for Mapei's new song.

Mapei: This song is calles #millionwaystolive.

Mapei: This song is very like, it has a 60s rockenrollish-vide but then there is rap lyrics in the song and the chorus is very gospely. It's very uptempo and it's about being on the road and being miles away from home but still feeling like you belong anywhere you go.

VO2: To keep the series adventurous and all reactions real, Mapei was kept in the dark most of the time and didn't know what was going to happen next. And for Liza, this was a real test of creativity, since she had to be constantly on her toes, coming up with new ideas for the music video.

Liza: Not knowing what's going to happen next is just part of the fun in it. Sometimes an idea will just come to you on the fly, that's the best way to make a music video really cause it's sponatious and it just, okey, let's do this

VO 3: For Volvo Trucks, Reality Road is all about showcasing their services in a new and entertaining manner. By making it into a tv-series, their wish is also to attract a wider audience. For Mapei however, taking part in the series was a chance to continue doing what she loves.

Like, I don't know if it's our purpose to be creative but I feel like it's my purpose. I enjoy it and I'm good at it and it's helped me through some ups and downs.
I just feel like people will get to know me as a person more hopefully. Hopefully all my sides will shine through.
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