A cab designed for the driver (with narration and subtitles)




05 Sep 2012


Gothenburg, Sweden



Edited Package with narration and subtitles
The cab of the new FH-series has a completely new design. It's bigger, safer and more ergonomic for the driver.

Speaker 1:
The cab of the new FH-series has a completely new design. It's bigger, safer and more ergonomic for the driver.

Ulf Andreasson:
I would like to describe the Volvo FH cab as a completely new standard in the truck industry. It's built around the driver, while their driving, but also when living and resting in the truck.
It's outstanding.

Speaker 2:
One of the key factors when developing the new cab has been to improve driver ergonomics. The result is a more comfortable seat, which can be taken back an extra 4 cm. A neck-tilt function has also been added to the steering wheel, which further enables the driver to find a relaxing position.

By raising the a-pillars and lowering the engine tunnel, Volvo Trucks has also been able to create a lot more room.

Ulf Andreasson:
The new FH-cab is almost one cubic meter larger than the current FH and that means that even I, who is almost 2 meter tall, can stand straight in this cab and that is good news for all tall drivers.

Speaker 3:
The bigger cab also means that the survival area for the driver is bigger too. Other safety improvements include an escape hatch, which can be used if the cab doors are blocked. The hatch also works as a sunroof, allowing more light in the cab.

The instrument panel has a completely new design, which improves both ergonomics and safety for the driver, since buttons and controls are now always close to their fingertips.

Ulf Andreasson:
The idea behind the design of the new dashboard is of course that we should have everything in easy access for the driver, while driving so that he doesn't have to take his eyes off the road.

Speaker 4:
Naturally the colours and the materials in the cab have been carefully chosen to harmonize with the overall sense of Volvo quality.

Ulf Andreasson:
Quality is one of Volvos core values and we never compromise with that one. And it is reflected in this Volvo FH cab, both when it comes to design and functionality. I think the drivers will love it in the future.
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