"Epic split" driver stars in the new tv-series Reality Road



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Jens: I am not an actor. I have told everybody here. If you get something you can use…well then I guess we made it.
VO 1: Jens is the starring driver in Volvo Trucks upcoming tv-series Reality Road. For a professional truck driver, who is always in control of his own transport assignments, this job was something out of the ordinary to say the least…

Jens: I don't know anything that is going to happen from day to day. I don't even know what's going to happen in five minutes. They want to get all personal reactions as real as possible. They literally tell me "go away".

VO 2: Throughout the series, Jens drives the two other stars of the reality show – soul and hip hop artist Mapei, and director Liza – around Europe. Their mission is to make a music video to Mapei's latest song. And Jens' mission is to…

Jens: Keep it safe. It has to be safe. Safe, no accident. Safe. They can't run around…. Always belted. Most important thing for me is safety.

Mapei: I didn't know truck driving was so serious. I didn't know that, you know they are very safe. Everything is about safety. It's been interesting to see and it seems like a cool community.

VO 3: The reason for Volvo Trucks doing a reality series in the first place is to showcase their services in a new and entertaining manner. Jens, however, has another agenda with participating in the series.

Jens: I hope that it's gonna put some light into what the job as a driver can be. We are almost always the last link in the chain. We are the ones that have to work extra hard to deliver in time, what ever happens.

Jens: Can you think of anything that hasn't been on a truck? One thing? Can you think of something?
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