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" This film do not contain VO in any version. WITH music, WITH graphics Speaker and interviews - Hamster Hero This is Charlie. And this is the new FMX. Charlie is a hamster of the family Mesocricetus Auratus, and the FMX is a Volvo Truck. Besides being the same age there's one other thing that links them together. In the film The Hamster, Charlie steers the FMX up a narrow road through a Spanish quarry, from bottom to top. The FMX weighs 23 tonnes. Charlie weighs 175 grams. How did Charlie pull it off? - Getting a hamster to drive a truck is a massive challenge because not every hamster has the right mentality or physical ability for it. And so we had to audition lots of hamsters and put them though some physical trials to see how they get on see if they have the right attitude for it. Charlie is able to turn the wheel of the truck and steer thanks to Volvo Trucks' new steering system that makes it possible to steer at low speeds with almost no effort. - First time we had a hamster driving a truck so we didn't know really from the beginning if it would work or not. - He demonstrated that he has the best strength and confidence and attitude to learning new ideas. And he's very food oriented, it's very important. So he's very willing to learn to follow the target, which is a carrot. - Different drivers have different opinions on how light the steering wheel should be, so we made a special setting for Charlie so that he feels comfortable with the driving of the truck. - He has become very brave. We've been training for over three or four weeks for this, 'cause if you are a very small animal it's really frightening being inside a truck. It all comes down to the final test, Charlie must steer the truck out of the quarry together with his helper, the driver Seon. - If he gets bored of the carrot or stops listen to Seons directions, he could just go which ever directions he wants and the truck would just go right of the cliff. - So, keeping him really focused is definitely going to be the biggest challenge. - The hamster can really steer the truck. It's quite amazing; you wouldn't think that it would be possible but I assure you; it really is possible. - It's been good so... we're looking forward to maybe some more road trips, me and Charlie. "
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