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"Speaker and interviews – Hamster The technology behind - The hamster can really steer the truck. So it's quite amazing you wouldn't think it would be possible but I assure you; it really is possible. He steers the truck. Volvo Trucks let a hamster steer their new Volvo FMX out of a quarry in the spectacular film, The Hamster stunt. The key factor behind the successful test is Volvo Trucks´ new-patented technical innovation - Volvo Dynamic Steering. But how does this new feature actually work? - The benefits for an ordinary driver is that when you are driving slowly, this steering wheel is very light and then when you go up in speed it will be heavier. Volvo Dynamic Steering improves the truck's manoeuvrability through a precisely controlled electric motor. The motor is controlled 2000 times per second, based on the input from the driver and the onboard sensors. At high speeds Volvo Dynamic Steering diminishes the effects from road disturbances and side winds. At low speeds it eliminates the need for physical effort so it's possible to steer with almost no force. Charlie the hamster only weighs 175 grams. - Volvo said they got this hamster that they want to drive a truck so initially of course I said 'yes, well... how's that gonna happen?' and when I went to Sweden and saw this lorry and tried the steering on it and said: 'Yes, incredibly light. Yes, a hamster can drive this truck so I'll have to produce a hamster wheel in order for him to run in so... yeah, very strange but very true. Volvo Dynamic Steering doesn't make life easier for just Charlie the hamster. It creates a safer, more comfortable and an easier everyday working environment for all truck drivers. - The whole driving experience will be much more comfortable for the driver I would say. "
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